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It’s the little things…

I told you already about getting a new rig after the guys at Larry Miller Honda in Boise wanted $2,500 to fix the air conditioning on my Saab (I’d already paid them $500 the previous week to have it fixed).

I like the Touareg alright; it’s got a lot of cool features my Saabs never had: GPS, rear camera, beeping sounds when you’re approaching an object… All things I definitely need, as I got zero sense of direction and I’ve had my share of car incidents.

My favorite thing though, it’s the automatic windshield wipers. I mean, take yesterday for example, raining all day. I open the garage door, get in the car, back out, I’m busy unlocking the iPhone, turning its Bluetooth on, the Jabra Bluetooth on, syncing both devices so I can listen to my music through the radio, pressing the button on the remote to close the garage door… You get the picture. Who has time (or a free hand) to switch the windshield wipers on? I could totally get in an accident!

The rain sensor kicks in and my windshield wipers start working automatically (except for the rear wiper). Not only that, but their speed adjusts depending on how much (or little) is raining. I know what you’re thinking, but you know what? It’s one less decision I have to make. Besides, it’s not like I’m going to go and change it now. My daughter touched something a couple of months ago which turned the rear wiper on and it took my dad and I two days of studying the manual before we were able to stop it. To this day, I have no clue how we did it, and that’s why it won’t start and it’s a setback I’m willing to accept.

All in all, rainy days are a little bit more fun now.

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