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What does it mean for you to live in Basque?

Oreretako Euskal Herrian Euskaraz has launched the 2011-2012 EUSKARAZ BIZI (Living in Basque) campaign. The main purpose of this campaign is to make young people aware of the importance of incorporating the Basque language in our daily lives.

According to the group, the first step to accomplish their goal is to understand the importance of using Basque. In order to do so, they have organized a contest to look for answers to the question “What does it mean for you to live in Basque?”

If you’d like to participate and submit your essay (in Basque), here are the rules.

A) Text requisites:
– “What does it mean for you to live in Basque?” It can be written is prose, poetry, and bertsogintza (versification) for a maximum of 2 pages.

B) Participants:
– Level 1: 12-18 years.
– Level 2:18 years and older.

C) How to submit the work:
– All works will have a nickname as their title.
– Place two copies of the essay in a big envelope, along with a smaller envelope with the author’s information (name and last names, address, email address, and phone number).
– The author’s nickname should be clearly stated in both envelopes.
– Send the essays to Oreretako Euskal Herrian Euskarazeko headquarters:

Oreretako Euskal Herrian Euskaraz
Oria kalea 2, Behea.
20100 Orereta. Gipuzkoa.

D) Prizes:
– Level 1:
1st  place: A 100 euro gift card to shops in Errenkoalde.
2nd place: A sweater, T-shirt, DVD and agenda from Euskal Herrian Euskarazeko.

– Level 2:
1st  place: A 200 euro gift card to shops in Errenkoalde.
2nd place: sweater, T-shirt, DVD and agenda from Euskal Herrian Euskarazeko.

E) Deadline:
– March 16th, 2012.
– The winners will be announced on March 31st in Euskaraz Bizi webpage.

For this information in Basque, click here.


Online poster competition for the San Sebastian Film Festival

The San Sebastian Film Festival is pleased to present the first online Festival poster competition, open to all designers who wish to present their works. The public will vote for their favourite posters and a Jury will choose the winner from among the proposals to receive most votes. Prizes will also be drawn among voters of the winning proposals. They look forward to receiving your talent and contribution to give this 60th edition a fantastic image.

Phase 1. – Poster submission, February 1 to March 16
Phase 2. – Online votes, Mach 17 to April 10
Phase 3. – Finalists, April 11
Phase 4. – Winners, May 11

For more information visit the San Sebastian Film Festival website, here.


Are you a Basque living abroad? Would you like to have your say for a week in a global blog for a week?

This might be your chance then. Basques Abroad, a global blog of Basques abroad, is looking for collaborators. If you want to be one of the Basques of the Week, have a look at how to get involved in the project by visiting their website: http://basquesabroad.blogspot.com/p/get-involved.html.


Basque Heritage and Culture tour, organized by the Extended Studies Program at BSU

Spend 14 days traveling through the Basque country in northern Spain and France, from  June 24-July 9, 2012.

Your program will begin in Bilbao, the Basque Country’s largest city with excursions to the North Coast (Bermeo, Bakio, Mundaka), a visit to the city’s famous Guggenheim Museum and to the historical Basque city of Gernika.

Other highlights of this educational travel program include:

  • Lekeitio, the beautiful coastal town where you will attend the annual Festival of San Pedro (the patron saint of fisherman).
  • San Sebastian, from where you will enjoy several day trips to Iparralde (French Basque Province), the beach resorts of Getaria and Zarautz, and the historic pastoral churches of Loyola and Arantzazu.
  • The program ends in Bilbao for the flight back to Boise.

For more information, visit the Extended Studies program website, here.

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