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Professional Pilota at the Basque Cultural Center in San Francisco on Friday, June 1

The San Francisco Basque Cultural Center would like to invite you to show your support for pilota on Friday, June 1 at 7 PM. This is a great opportunity to enjoy professional handball played live! Bring your kids, your friends, and anybody else who is interested. The cost is only $10 for adults and free for kids under 18. Prior to the professional game there will be a pilota game played by local children.

The restaurant and bar will be open for your pre-game aperitif and post-game dinner/cocktail. If you would like to eat at the restaurant, we ask that you make reservations beforehand, contacting the restaurant directly at (650) 580-8091.

Please call (650) 796-2328 with any questions regarding the games. Look forward to seeing you there. Aupa pilota!


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Janice Maria Jesusl

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