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Living memory: On immigration and returning to Bizkaia

Pedro Oiarzabal, from the University of Deusto, in Bilbao, tells us about an upcoming conference at the university on Friday, October 19. The audience will learn about Basque immigration and the return of some Diaspora members back to Bizkaia. Among others, speakers will include Pedro Oiarzabal himself, Euskal Artzainak Ameriketan (the association created to acknowledge the labor of Basque sheepherders in the US), and Euskalkultura.com, whose main goal is to offer a meeting point for Euskal Herria, the Basque Diaspora and Basque clubs.

Also, a video will be shown featuring interviews with immigrants and some of the people who returned to Bizkaia after the years. In addition, there will be a round table facilitated by Joseba Etxarri, Director of Euskalkultura.com.

The conference — which will be given in Spanish and Basque — is open to the public, but seating is limited.

You can download the program (in Spanish) here.

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