A Basque in Boise

Joko Garbi players from Ustaritz will return to Boise’s Anduiza fronton in February

After a great visit to Boise last year, the Basque team from Ustaritz will be back!

David Navailles, Pantxo Lissar, Allande Etchecopar Bruno Irachabal, Eneko Sarratia, Mattin Castanchoa

David Navailles, Pantxo Lissar, Allande Etchecopar, Bruno Irachabal, Eneko Sarratia, Mattin Castanchoa

The Kapito Harri team will be playing the Basque sport of Joko Garbi (clean game) on February 10 at 3:00 PM in the Boise Fronton. Kapito Harri, the reigning champions of Euskadi and France will be playing an exhibition game for members and friends. As far as I know, Bruno Irachabal, Eneko Sarratia, David Navailles and Pantxo Lisar will make up the two competing teams.

This game is played with the cesta (basket) and ball. Please plan to bring your families to the Fronton to watch this match. This is event is free to public. All are welcome to attend.

To get a taste of what’s waiting for you in February at Boise’s fronton, check out the photos and videos from last year, or follow this link to watch the 2012 pilota final between “Kapito Harri 1” and “Hardoytarrak” in its entirety.

On a personal note, I’m really looking forward to seeing our friends again. We are officially less than a month away!

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