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No-Show Concealers: Use them, then toss them!

Hollywood No-Show ConcealersWe all have that dress which requires no bra in order to look cute. The drawback (other than gravity), is figuring out what to do about your nipples, as everyone knows it is not nice to go around pointing at people. Some women use bandages, but in my opinion they make it more obvious what you’re trying to hide therefore defeating the purpose.

Luckily, they now make disposable self-adhesive concealers to help you be decent. I got a couple of packets a few months ago and realized I was down to only three units the last time I needed to use them. Oh well, I thought. I guess it’s time to go back to Pink and purchase some more. In the meantime, I took a couple, got my dress on, and went out partying. The things stick pretty well I tell you, and as I wasn’t sure what I’d be wearing in the near future, I thought I let them stay put for a while.

I must have lost count because even my kid looked at me in disbelief after a few days and asked how much longer I was going to keep them. (We have an open door policy in my house. Apparently, the one in my bathroom is their favorite).

The week came and went. Gym visits, pala games, daily showers, and those suckers had yet to shift at all. I’m not one to worry much about the dangers of toxic materials or germs, but I somehow started to freak out on Thursday so I ripped them off. Not an easy task after so many days, ouch! They don’t mess around with the quality of the adhesive, that’s for sure. I woke up from my nap on Saturday with sticky stuff all over my arm.

I checked today and it turns out the things are hypo-allergenic. All the fuss for nothing.

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2 thoughts on “No-Show Concealers: Use them, then toss them!

  1. Steven Roosevelt

    Medical hint. When you remove something that is stuck to your skin with adhesive, gently lift a lose edge and then use alcohol plegets on the point of contact with your skin to dissolve the adhesive.

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