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Call for artists: Boise Basque Center logo contest

Boise Basque CenterNot so long ago I wrote about why I love Boise’s Basque Center, our cultural center featuring a public bar and rental venue for the Basque community as well as the general public. In my opinion, it is the one place above all others within our Basque community that keeps us united, regardless of age, gender, and town of origin.

Now, the Euzkaldunak Basque Center is seeking an artist to create a new logo for the heart of our Boise area Basque community.


A little history

The Euzkaldunak Basque Center is a 3-story building that resides in Downtown Boise, Idaho on the historic Basque block. The Basque Center was built in 1949 and is a gathering place for Basque people in the area. We help maintain our heritage by supporting Basque dancing, events and gatherings.

The Center acts as the primary home for our two dancing groups, Boiseko Gazteak, and the Oinkari Basque Dancers. The Center is also home for a Basque music group, Txantxangorriak, which plays traditional music at many of the Basque festivals. Annually we hold tournaments for two traditional Basque card games.

The Basque Center hosts several events throughout the year such as San Inazio in July, a typical Basque street festival. In December we hold a Sheepherder’s Ball Dinner and Dance to help raise money for our Basque Charities account, which allows us to help individuals and families in need throughout the year.

Gatherings also include membership monthly dinners that run from August through May.


How to submit

If you are feeling up to the challenge and would like to go down in history as the cool person who designed Boise’s Basque Center logo, here are the steps to get you there:

To submit your artwork, please email files to maite@ahizpak.com and include the following information:

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Address City/State/Zip
  • Phone/Email
  • Optional: Artist Bio (one paragraph limit) & website if applicable

Submission Guidelines:

  • Logo should embody the Euzkaldunak’s proud past, bright future and to cultivate Basque culture.
  • Logo will be used on websites, various printed materials, signage, and other publications. The logo should be effective in both grayscale and color. Overall design should be limited to a maximum of four colors with a workable grayscale adaptation.
  • Submit up to 3 concepts in PDF format.
  • The winning logo needs to be provided in PDS and EPS format with associated font files included. Pantone matched colors appreciated.
  • By submitting the winning design, you recognize that the Euzkaldunak Basque Center will own the design and all associated rights.
  • Use of any copyrighted logos, fonts or slogans that require a license to reproduce will disqualify your submission.


May 8, 2013: submission deadline of 1-3 concepts in PDF or EPS format. Euzkaldunak (Basque Center) board will select the 3 most effective designs and vote on their favorite.

The winning artist will be notified by email and highlighted on our Facebook page and the monthly newsletter. The new logo will appear on the website as soon as it is completed. The winning artist will be credited for the new design and the Euzkaldunak Basque Center board will introduce the new logo.

The winning artist will receive:

  • Fame and glory
  • Recognition for your donation through a media blast
  • $150 honorarium

Thanks for passing by: ↓

Goio Telletxea

9 thoughts on “Call for artists: Boise Basque Center logo contest

  1. Ysabel Bilbao

    I can’t draw so I will leave this challenge to the experts! Good luck to the artists!!!

  2. Goio Telletxea

    I wonder what the hell happened with this contest. No information. No replies. Nothing. For those like me who made the effort of making a proposal it’s really disappointing. 🙁

    This is the Euzkaldunak page in Facebook and the only reference I saw: http://cl.ly/image/2A132t1X253V
    No one replied to comments made by me or Iban Gorriti, for example.

    En fin.

  3. Henar Chico Post author

    Kaixo Goio, I will see what I can find out for you, ok? Give me a bit.

  4. Goio Telletxea

    Thanks Henar. Your effort is appreciated once more. 🙂 I suppose there’s people who sent proposals and I consider that they’ve to be informed at least with a simple mail telling them ‘Thanks, the contest has been cancelled because xxxxx’ (if it was cancelled) or “Thanks, we’re in a selection process” or similar. I suppose something happened in between, but is somehow strange.

  5. Henar Chico Post author

    Hi Goio, I just heard from one of the Euzkaldunak members and she said the contest is still in process. Apparently the board is still debating. In any case, she said she will give you an update tonight, so probably tomorrow morning for you. And you are welcome!

  6. Goio Telletxea

    Milesker Henar, zein azkar ibili zaren. 🙂 It’s not just for me. I consider the answer goes for anybody who has spent a bit of their time designing a logo for the constest. It’s simple communication. 🙂 Agurrak itsasoz bestaldetik!

  7. Henar Chico Post author

    Beste zeozer behar baduzu, badakizu non nauen! Sorte ona izan dezazun!

  8. Dwight Munger, III

    Hello, I wanted to partake in this contest but I could find no “rules” or “guidelines” or anything really. 🙁 Did I miss something?

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