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On Sunday, the radio station on Basque diaspora 8 Probintziak will celebrate 8 years on the air

8Probintziak8 Probintziak, the radio station on Basque diaspora, will celebrate its 8th year on the air on Sunday, May 5, with a special program featuring many guests and a few surprises.

Benoit Etcheverry Macazaga, a Basque native from Iparralde, started the program in 2004 and ran it until 2007, when he took on some other projects – always related to the Basque diaspora. Benoit had hoped for the radio show to continue airing, but nobody picked it up. This is why, five years later, he decided to bring the program back. 8 Herrialdeak Zuzenean airs from 8:00 to 9:30 pm (Basque Country time).

April’s program focused on Basque economy with guests such as Jean Michel Larrasquet, from Mondragon Group, Xabi Camino, who talked about the Eusko (new currency for the Basque Country), Pierre Mendiboure or Jérôme Lesparre.



Check out the 8 Probintziak archives for previous editions of the program, or visit and like their Facebook page to keep in touch.

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