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Would you like to be featured in the 2015 NABO Calendar?

If you would, keep reading.

Mary Lou Urrutia is starting to collect photographs to be used in the 2015 NABO calendar. If anyone is interested in submitting their picture(s), or has questions please e-mail them to Mary Lou at MaryLou@gracegroup.com. All submissions must be received by May 31, 2014.

Dont forget to check out the North American Basque Organizations’ website for more information about this and other topics: http://www.nabasque.org.


NABO Calendar

Mary LouMary Lou Urrutia
Calendar Chair
1790 Brentwood Drive
Reno, Nevada 89502


NABO annually publishes and sells a calendar with photographs of the Basque country and the Basque-American community.  Photos are sent in by volunteer contributors–therefore it is up to all of us to submit what we would like to see in the calendar.

  • Email your photos for consideration to MaryLou@gracegroup.com.
  • Deadline is May 31st
  • The image should be of a higher resolution (3300 x 2550 pixels) because the photo will be blown up to 8.5 x 11 inches (at 300 DPI).
  • All submissions are voluntary and no payment is made/earned

Some previous calendar covers:

2012 2011
2009 2008
2007 2006
2005 2004

Thanks for passing by: ↓

Juan Barragan olaso Antonio Vérdiny Mary Araquistain

2 thoughts on “Would you like to be featured in the 2015 NABO Calendar?

  1. Henar Chico Post author

    Gracias, espero que la gente se anime y envíe fotos. Un saludo, Juan.

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