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USPlacement 2014, a summer exchange program for high school students

Ikurrina-y-bandera-americanaIñaki Sánchez, an engineer by trade, organizes trips every summer for Basque and Spanish teenagers to learn English abroad. Although he doesn’t run an agency, he has organized these trips for the last ten years. He himself lived in the USA for several years and wants kids to have the same great experience he enjoyed.

USPlacement 2014 is an initiative that started in 2000 and it has been very successful in the State of NY. This year, Iñaki would like to extend the initiative to California as well. The idea is for the kids to blend in with a US family and create a bond which will last forever. The program works in both directions since arrangements are being made to receive the US kids in Spain later in the summer.

All Spanish kids travel with insurance coverage and will also have their own spending money. The kids would arrive at the end of June and return at the end of July.

If you are interested or know anyone who would like to either host or help find families, please get in touch with Iñaki at koinkuster@gmail.com. Feel free to share this message with friends and family. Iñaki would like these students to enjoy their trip, develop new connections and friendships, and go back home relishing a lifelong experience.

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