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Valencia’s Basque Center IV Literary Letter Contest now underway

diasporen-iv-lehiaketa-b-724x1024The dissemination and promotion of the Basque language has always been one of the main objectives of Laurak Bat, Valencia’s Basque Center. Basque language courses, movies, lectures, debates and meetings, among others, are some of the activities carried out so far for this purpose. The first Literature Letter Contest Contest took place three years ago. The outcome was so good that the Basque Center decided to make the contest an annual event.

The contest is open to everybody, especially to those learning Basque in our center and other centers around the world.

Contest rules:

  1. Participants must write the letters in Basque, in any of its variants. Letters must be original and not have been awarded a prize in any other literary contest.
  2. The maximum length of letters shall be two (2) one-sided pages with 1.5 line spacing, and Arial font size 12. The  topic is open, but the genre must be epistolary.
  3. The competition is divided into two categories:
    A – People who are in the process of learning Basque.
    B – Native Basque speakers who communicate normally in Basque.
  4. The letters will be sent by email and must have a title or slogan and the category chosen, author’s name, address, telephone number, and email address.
  5. Letters must be sent to: gurelehiaketak@gmail.com with the subject “Diasporaren Gutunen Literatura Lehiaketa.” Letters can be submitted by mail or in person to Laurak Bat (C/ Mª Jordán 6, baixos) and Racó de la Corbella (C/ Maldonado 46, Baixos). The deadline is January 20, 2017.
  6. The jury will consist of people representing the world of Basque culture in Valencia and representatives of Euskaltzaleok Euskal Etxea and Basque-Navarre Center Laurak Bat.
  7. The jury’s decision is final and the prize in each of the two categories can be ruled void. The event organizers reserve the right to publish the works presented at the event.
  8. The prize will be a selection of books in Basque for each of the two categories.
  9. The prizes will be given during a literary dinner, which will be held on January 27 at the headquarters of Bat Laurak in Patraix, Valencia (C/ Mª Jordán 6, baixos).
  10. Entering the competition implies acceptance of these rules.
  11. Works not awarded a prize will be destroyed. The winning letter will become property of the event’s organizing committee.

To read the Contest rules in Basque, Spanish, and Valencian, click here.

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