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“Basque code talkers” in World War II monograph (in Spanish) available on June 15

On June 15, 2017, “Saibigain” digital magazine will present its third installment, which focusses on “Basque code talkers” and the use of the Basque language during World War II. The magazine is published by “Sancho de Beurko Association,” a Basque homeland-based non-profit organization dedicated to the historical memory of the Basque people who fought in the Spanish Civil War and World War II.In this issue, authors Pedro J. Oiarzabal and Guillermo Tabernilla, hope to shed light on one of the most intensely mytholigized subjects related to Basque involvement in the war.

The magazine, which is published only in Spanish (for now), can be downloaded free of charge in PDF format from its website: Saibigain Magazine.

Previous installments include the biographies of 213 people of Basque origin from Nevada who served in the U.S. military during World War II, and Bilbao’s Museum of War (both in Spanish).

For more on Pedro Oiarzabal, click here.


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