A Basque in Boise

Berri Txarrak connexion in Boise at the Revolution Concert House and Event Center

Even if you barely follow the Basque rock music scene, you must have heard of Berri Txarrak. You know, they’ve only been in business since 1994!

Actually, Berri Txarrak originated in Lekunberri, Navarre, in 1994, but wasn’t until 1997 when they began to focus fully on the band.

Therefore, this year is Berri Txarrak’s 20th anniversary and the band will be releasing their much anticipated album in November on their own label Only In DreamsAnd among the collaborators, we find Bill Stevenson, who happens to play the drums for the Descendents, a punk rock band playing on Sunday, August 27, at the Revolution Concert House and Event Center (4983 Glenwood St.).

You can buy tickets here.

Oh, by the way, I know that they’d love to see a few ikurriñas flying around!

Berri Txarrak & Bill Stevenson @berritxarrak.net

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