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Okey, so I had even gone to bed, I was underneath my covers, all cozy and stuff after watching “A Cinderella Story” (please don’t hold it against me), when I realized what my problem is about this blogging business. And then I started to think that maybe I should write about it, specially since I promised Mr. Do You Know How Many People Visited Your Blog Today? that I would definitely put something down today. Well… I look at the clock and it’s 10 to midnight, thus the getting out of bed and opening (well, not really, ‘cos it’s always open) my laptop. So, about the blogging thing.

I usually don’t care too much about what other people think, I mean, there are exceptions (see the entry before the last one, I think), but in general, whatever. Usually I don’t write things down (hehehe, really?), it all goes out of my big mouth, and people tend to have short term memory (except my Chilean sister-in-law, she’s pretty amazing), so no biggie there, you can always say “no, I didn’t say that” and it’s your word against theirs. Having something on paper (cyberpaper?) however, it’s a different story, it makes it more, I don’t know, important? So every time I think about, “man, I should go to my blog and write”, I just keep discarding all kinds of topics because I am not sure people will give a crap about them. And then, Mr. Do You Know….Blah Blah…Blog… Today? told me to just do it, that it is my blog, my space, and to write whatever the hell I want. So, you know what? That’s exactly what I’m gonna do. Get ready for endless stories on my kids, stories on my husband and my kids, stories on my dog, cat and my kids… Just kidding. There’ll be a little bit of everything, maybe about how Macs are awesome, how Microsoft is awesome (in a that’s-who-feeds-my-kids-and-buys-all-my-stuff type of way, no more, no less, nothing to do with let’s say, Vista?), maybe ask advice on how to get your kids to listen (I know, good luck with that one), and all kinds of other topics, all pretty irrelevant in the skim of things. But hey, if  my stories/thoughts/ramblings are not that thought-provoking for you, go get your own blog!

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7 thoughts on “Just whatever

  1. Henar Chico

    Jejejeje, es que me pidieron que a ver si lo hacía en inglés, para darle más vidilla a los blogs de EiTB fuera de Euskadi. De todos modos no te pierdes mucho eh? Fíjate que me puse a escribirlo casi a medianoche, después de que ya me había ido a la cama, pero como no podía dormir, pues me levanté. Paranoias de una… MUSUS!

  2. Henar Chico

    Hey, acabo de responderte y no me aparece el comentario en el post! Ummm, bueno, nada, te decia que no te pierdes mucho, que nada mas que paranoias se pueden escribir de madrugada. Pero oye, siempre puedes decir a mi aita que te lo traduzca, jejeje, ya sabes que va a clases de ingles.

  3. Igor

    I suppose Mr Do-you-know…. is me, isn´t it….

    I hope to see another post here on Sunday, after the bronco game, and on Sunday after the dinner at the Basque center….

  4. dunya

    you know i have never met do-you-know-who but i guess he knows you pretty well. and i always like your honest ( i really don’t think) about it way. as i would call it..straight from the heart.
    but honestly, who does not like people who just talk and make us laugh. musus

  5. Henar Chico

    Well thank you. Makes me super happy to see you visiting the blog. I’ll talk about Vegas in the next couple of days. I just got home and I am ready for bed. MUSUS.

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