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Texting 101

My point exactly!

My point exactly!

Is it just my girlfriends and I who can spend the whole day texting back and forth, and never think the conversation has lasted long enough? Or is it girls in general? Because one thing is for sure: guys suck at texting. Seriously! First of all, they take their sweet time to send a text back, and when you get a response is something like “Yeah”, “Ok”, or one of those cute smiley faces. Granted, sometimes you might get lucky and get a “Good morning. Have a great day!” The thing is, you text me, and damn if you don’t get a text back in 0.2 seconds, even if it’s just to tell you that I can’t text at this very moment (unless I’m taking a nap, which you’d know anyway if you looked at my FB status, duh!).

There is only one other thing I hate more than not getting a timely response to a text message (I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, that’s how much it bothers me), which is you telling me “I’ll let you know” when I ask if you have time on “fill in the blank”, at “fill in the blank”, to do “fill in the blank”, and then wait until the last minute to give me an answer. Actually, even worse than that would be if I sent you a text message, and then you didn’t answer me until the next day, and then you told me “I’ll let you know”. That’d be bad.

So, help me understand what goes through that masculine mind of yours. Next time I send you a text message and you don’t answer, do I take it as you really don’t care? Do I text you a second time in case that first message got lost in the airwaves? Should I wait until you decide to text back instead? Or is it just that you need time to process my text message in order to respond with a profound, well-thought “huh”?

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