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Fast Food

restaurant_checkSeriously! They might as well bring you the check at the same time they bring out your food and save themselves that extra trip 2.5 minutes later!

I took the kids to the Red Robin – a restaurant close to Borah High School – after the Boiseko Gazteak performance. I ordered a salad, chicken fingers for Andoni, and a corndog for Maitane. My daughter is not yet halfway done with her food (and believe me, she gulfs those things down), when the waitress comes by with the check and sets in on the table. I look at her slightly annoyed, as I’m still about to take my jacket off, but I let it go. I mean, this weekend I got no reason to be bitchy (well, maybe a small one, but Diana is visualizing for me, so it’s just a matter of days before it happens). The waitress obviously doesn’t know me because not 3 minutes later she comes by again to see whether I set my credit card down. I’m like, dude, can you see I’m not even done putting the dressing on the salad? And she’s like oh, no, no, I don’t mean to rush you, just take your time as I force this tab down your throat and wait impatiently here for you to open your wallet and take out your go***mn card. She didn’t even asked if we wanted desert before bringing the bill. Usually the kids are fine with nothing but the food, but guess what? Today Andoni wanted ice-cream, so I say fine, but not here, as apparently we’re taking longer than their allotted 7-minute eating time.

Dairy Queen, here we come.

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2 thoughts on “Fast Food

  1. Diana

    Never underestimate my visualization power, Sistah! And as for those annoying– no, annoying isn’t quite the right word, absolutely infuriating servers who want us to eat, pay and leave a big tip, all at the same time, yes: I am visualizing something really, really good for them!

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