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“As Is”

Be yourselfWhere is that line between staying in touch and being a pain in the ass? Is there such a thing if you’re dealing with friends? What about making the effort to get to know someone without them thinking you’re weird? How do you know if you’re quitting too soon on someone and missing out on what could’ve been a good friendship? Should you ever stop trying, no matter what?

In the end, I guess one has no choice but to be themselves. If someone is meant to be your friend, they’re going to have to like you “as is”, pain in the ass or not.

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5 thoughts on ““As Is”

  1. Diana

    Oh, what a pain in the ass you are, che!! Jajajaja, Henar, I LOVE YOU, MAITE ZAITUT, AS YOU ARE!! Please, PLEASE do me a favor: NEVER CHANGE.

  2. Henar Chico

    Don’t you worry, ya sabes que la gente no cambia, empeora. Otra amiga mía pain in the ass me lo dijo hace un tiempo.@Diana

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