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Instant gratification. Or not.

Hahahaha, funny. And true!

I gotta admit, it’s been pretty cool changing gears, relaxing, and stressing out about whether to write those extra emails or not (I did, just like I knew I would), or which size MacBook Pro I should get (15” or 13″?), instead of worrying about how many passwords I have left to update before the end of the month. I had the energy to go to the gym, and I might not even take that sleeping pill tonight.

I’m a little bummed, though. After agonizing all day Sunday and all day yesterday over whether to buy the laptop or not, desperately fighting the urge to “instant gratification” at the Best Buy on Franklin Road, I remembered that 0% for 12 months credit card offer that’s been laying around on my kitchen counter for the last few days. So once I was able to kick Diana off my Facebook wall (it took for-ever!), I think to myself, screw it, I’m applying for the card, getting myself a new 15” Apple laptop (apparently I did make up my mind), and experiencing that warm and fuzzy feeling once again.

So I spend all this time going through the steps to apply for the card (fine, it was like click, click, Name, Income, Own or Rent?), only to find out that getting a credit card – or at least the credit card number – is not immediate (what??), therefore you cannot start using it right away. Like you have to wait for two weeks to get it in the mail. All this agonizing and decision making for nothing!

Now I’m trying to convince myself that “good things happen to those who wait”. So much for instant gratification.

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