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Eagle Eye


Approaching Bilbao

Do you ever look out of the window as the plane is about to land? It’s one of my favorite things to do. I guess I enjoy it more because I don’t get to fly that often. It is an opportunity to see the layout of that particular city we’re hovering over. In the US neighborhoods are – more often than not – set up in a square pattern. Sometimes they look like semicircular, foldable fans that remind me of flamenco and southern Spain. I find pleasure in looking at the varying shapes of water formations, the different shades of green, yellow and brown of the fields, and the never ending, never bending roads and highways. I specially enjoy flying over bigger cities, amazed at the labyrinth of exit ramps, overpasses, and underpasses, but thankful for living in Boise, where the worst we have to worry about is the Flying Y.

You have to pay attention and get it all in, in a bit of a hurry. Quickly everything becomes larger and that cute dollhouse-looking world disappears.

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