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President(?) Obama’s birth certificate

I don't know what the problem is

I don't see what the problem is

Phew! I didn’t think the day would come when I could sleep like a baby again, the day when all fretting would stop, the day when we found out that President Obama truly qualifies to be President Obama. Finally, some good news in this unsettling week .

I was driving to work this morning, listening to the news after dropping the kids off at school, and I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm when I heard that the White House released President Obama’s long form birth certificate, after many had been questioning its validity for a long time. Thank God for Donald Trump, who finally put his foot down and convinced the president to disclose the document. Apparently, one of the president’s counsels had to fly all the way to Hawaii (poor thing), to personally go into the Hawaii State Department of Health, who made an exception to release a copy of President Obama’s long form birth certificate. I’m sure that was really hard, you know, to get the Department of Health to make that exception for the President of the United States. I hope that this lawyer got to fly in first class, and not only that, I also hope he didn’t have to rush back and was able to spend a couple of days hanging out at the beach. This is a very important matter, and no limit should be placed into the amount of money necessary to put it to rest. What other unemployment issues, for example, could be more important?, I thought this morning while I put $70 worth of gas on my Saab.

Then again, as I’m writing this post and researching the web to make sure I quote accurate information, I come across this one article, and I am disheartened once again. Apparently, the birth certificate is still raising questions. Oh no! I wish I were wrong, but as you can see for yourself I am not lying. Maybe this birth-questioning Trumps are onto something after all.

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2 thoughts on “President(?) Obama’s birth certificate

  1. UNAI

    zuk zure jaiotza ziurtagiria lortu nahi baldin badozu:
    Klikatu behar dozu, jaiotza ziurtagiria bilatu eta datuak bete, zuzenean zure etxera bidaliko dizute. Halakorik lortzeko, ez zara honaino etorri behar (baina etorriz gero, hobe!!! Bilboko Casco Viejotik buelta emoteko.)
    Ez dot uletzen Obamak daukan arazoa. Zertarako aurkeztu behar du bere jaiotza ziurtagiria??? Badakit AEBko presidentea izateko, bertan jaio behar dala, baina arazoa ez da bere gurasoak musulmanak direla ezta???


  2. Henar Chico

    Kaixo enano! Bai, horregatik. AEBko presidentea izateko hemen jaio behar da. Arazoa da batzuk esaten ari zirela Obama ez zala AEBan jaio eta jaiotza ziurtagiria ikusi nahi zuten. Bai, Bilboko Casco Viejora bueltatu nahi dut…@UNAI

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