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Club Penguin sucks


I swear I’ll slice the freaking penguin’s neck if I have to log Andoni in to the Club Pinguin’s website one more time. I mean, it took Diana 30 minutes last night just to set the stupid penguin’s user name, and about an hour of my time this morning to figure out how to create a parent’s account, activate the freaking penguin, and log Andoni in so he could play. Seriously! I am no PhD, but I’m pretty good at this online accounts registering stuff. After you get over the one hundred requirements to get access (it’s a kid’s game, for crying out-loud, not porn!) you finally get to the login page, where you see the “Do you want to save the penguin’s name and password?” message and, of course, you choose “HELL YES!” and think you’re set.

Apparently I'm not alone in this
Apparently I’m not alone

So you log in, log in the stupid penguin, but now you have to choose a server, which 8 out of 10 times will time out on you, sending you back to the login page (I’m getting myself pissed off again just by writing about it). You take a deep breath, remember that it’s not your kid’s fault that Disney sucks – he just wants to play and have a good time – and refrain from smashing the MacBook on the floor. You think, well, at least I chose to save the username and password before. Ha! Guess what? They were just messing with you. Turns out you have to type in the STUPID name and password EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I hate Club Penguin.

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  1. Diana

    Actually, porn is easier. Not that I know anything about it. A friend told me.

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