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And the Darwin Award goes to…

Darwin Awards

Darwin Awards

You know, here I was stressing out all week about the “Rupture” and the resulting end of the world, when there are in fact much easier ways to kick the bucket. Take this morning at the gas station, for example. And no, I’m not talking about the heart attack I almost suffered when I saw the $70 on the pump screen (and that’s with the Fred Meyer’s $0.10/gallon gas discount, ok?). I’m talking about the stupid girl on the pump across from mine, with the annoying barking Dachshund, who I bet you would be right at the front of the Darwin Awards line. This girl fills up her tank, gets in her car, and immediately LIGHTS UP! Really? I’m ok if you need to take such drastic measures tu shut up your yelping little mutt, but could you please wait until I’ve gotten the hell out of there? I survived the Rapture, for God’s sake!

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  1. Diana

    Obviously, you’ve never filled up your tank in Argentina… That’s an image that sounds so Buenos Aires to me. (And, by the way, it’s called “Rapture,” not “Rupture,” although some people’s brains are ruptured indeed. And yes, I love to correct you. Proves I’m more better than you. My English is more gooder, that is).

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