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At the movies

I was just thinking. People hardly ever go to the movies by themselves. It’s ok to go home, get comfy on the sofa, and spend some one-on-one quality time with that night’s choice out of your Netflix queue, but there is some type of stigma attached to watching a film alone in the movie theater. Like you’re such a loser. Like your boyfriend just dumped you and you are so pathetic.

In reality, going to the movies by yourself has many advantages and it’s quite liberating. For starters, you chose the movie. That right there’s got me virtually sold. Screw “The Matrix”. Most importantly though, you can bawl all the way through the flick without holding back because, well, you’re alone and have to give explanations to no one. I mean, you could even start bawling during the previews and it would be ok, then continue bawling in your car while you drove home, and still nobody would give you crap. I don’t recommend bawling in the car on the way to the movies, though, as you still have to face the ticket person and you’re already going to get the pity look by showing up alone. Showing up alone with red, swollen eyes is probably taking it too far.

Think about it. Depending on whether you wait until the previews or actually start your weeping in the car (and how far from the movie theaters you live), you can get anywhere between 2 and 3 hours of good-old healthy crying. When you factor in your lunch hour workout, it should be enough to shake off the ickiness of the day and get ready for a Saturday full of basqueness and a bit of Argentinian.

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  1. Mom of two wonderful kids

    Well, my dear friend. Look at it this way: you are home with the kids and they drive you crazy but you know you have the evening free to go out to see a movie. It is great to enjoy the evening…and who cares what other people are thinking. The ones that know you, know exactly what’s happening in your life. If they are talking about you anyway, then think to yourself ” I caught some strangers attention!” . Hugs and besos

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