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(I thought this was good too.)

I’m sitting outside the Bardenay having a drink with my friend when I see this guy I met through my translation business. I wave and he comes over to say hi.

“How are you?” he says. “How are things?” (You know, the usual.)

“Good”, I say. (Talk about the cliff notes version of the cliff notes of the cliff notes of my life.)

“What about you?” I ask.

“Oh, I’m making an appearance at my friend’s bachelor party.” (Ummm… Didn’t his friend notice it’s Thursday?) “Yeah, he got married and…”

Hey! Hey! Hold on! What the…? I thought we were talking about a bachelor’s party!

Well… Apparently, these couple got married some years ago, had kids, but are now ready for the big wedding celebration and the bachelor’s party.

On a Thursday.

A married bachelor’s party. That’s worse than decaf coffee, non-alcoholic beer, fat-free ice-cream.

It’s the oxymoron of the year.

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5 thoughts on “Oxymoron

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  2. Diana

    Hey. Right after I had my belated honeymoon… I got divorced. Talk about oxymorons (and morons).

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