A Basque in Boise

Exploring the Basque Region: A private tour designed by Anita Franzoia, in conjunction with EF Customized Tours

Anita Franzoia, an instructor of Basque at Great Basin College in Elko who also organizes Basque Cultural Tours, is looking to start signing people up for the 2013 trip to the Basque Country, which has room for about 40 people. The group will depart from Salt Lake City on Thursday, September 26, 2013.

However, you can also get prices for departures from other cities or open up the ticket to spend more time in the Basque Country or to visit other places. If you would prefer to meet up in Euskadi and do ground only, that’s also possible.

Day 4 is San Miguel de Aralar. The tour will stop in Oñati before heading to San Miguel and Anita will help those who have family there make connections to spend these free days. People without family might want to travel to Barcelona, Madrid, London or Paris.

Tour Number: 1202698
Group Leader: A. T. Anacabe Franzoia
Group Travel Dates: 9/26/2013 – 10/8/2013 
Tour Length: 13 days 
Departing in: 487 days (9/26/2013)
Departure Gateway: Salt Lake 

For more information on the trip or to enroll, visit the College Study Tours for a preview or download the itinerary on pdf format.

You can also check out the Basque Country Tour 2013 group page on Facebook, for additional details and to interact with Anita and other interested parties.

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