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Eyes wide shut

I wrote on Monday about the yearly Txitxiburduntzi celebration organized by the New England Basque Club at Riki Lasa’s house in Connecticut.

Around 5:30 last night – I memorable night to forget, if I might add – I got an email from Roberto, the Club’s president, letting me know that he hadn’t stopped getting requests to attend the party since I published the news on the blog. I should have followed my instinct and go with the tongue-in-cheek feeling I got immediately after reading his message, but I was not 100% myself yesterday so I asked if I had in some way messed up the article.  He said, “The year 2104. I would love to be able to go.” (It’s fixed now, by the way).

Do you think I got it then? No. I went back to the article, re-read it, and saw nothing wrong. I even emailed him back and forwarded the announcement he’d sent a few days before, the same email I copied and pasted on the blog. I proceeded to get on with the sad evening that was last night, watched a chick-flick by myself, watched two episodes of House with the neighbor (thank you), then I came back home and looked at the email one more time because somehow, in the back of my mind, I knew I’d missed something.

Six hours after getting the email I finally saw the light. The year 2104. Two thousand one hundred and four. Right there in front of my eyes since I published the blog. Right there in front of my eyes since Roberto pointed it out at 6:18 pm last night.

I felt so fucking stupid. And I started to wonder, what other things have I missed before that were clearly stated, spelled, shown, addressed right there, in front of me? How many other times have I been so blind while looking straight up at shit?

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nere Diana Ruth Mary Araquistain

6 thoughts on “Eyes wide shut

  1. Antonio Vérdiny

    Don’t be so hard on yourself! It happens to the best (and the worst ) of us all. Especially those of us over 55.

    I am a court interpreter, you should see some of things i see in the legal system! Grab a glass of wine or a good picon punch and enjoy life!
    Zorionak, euskaldunak eta zu!


  2. Henar Chico Post author

    I got the glass of wine down! Thanks so much for your message, it put a smile on my face!

  3. nere

    Xelebrea, lehenengo aldiz aipatzen duzunean, neronek ere ez dut arazorik ikusi… eta betaurrekoak jarrita nituen!

  4. Ruth

    We are our own worst critics! You are very competent woman. Give yourself some credit. Been there, done that!

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