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Event list for Jaialdi 2015

Jaialdi 2015 is finally here, along with so many activities and events that it’s hard to keep them all straight. I heard from a few people that they were not sure about all the stuff going on this week, so I spend part of my weekend checking different sources and websites and compiled a list with all the events, dates and times I was able to find, including the NABO Pilota Finals and a series of Basque short films at MING Studios.

To download a PDF of this list to your computer, click here.

For the 2015 NABO Pilota Finals schedule, click here.

For the session of Basque short films presented by 39 Rooms at MING Studios from July 30 to August 1, click here.

Please make sure you check the website for the specific event you want to corroborate the information before you go:

Jaialdi 2015

Cenarrusa Foundation

Boise Basque Museum and Cultural Center

BSU Basque Studies

Preservation Idaho

Gure esku dago


Event list for Jaialdi 2015

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2015 NABO Pilota Finals



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Anne Marie Paul Etxeberri

3 thoughts on “Event list for Jaialdi 2015

  1. Juan J. San Mames

    We wanted to attend the reception on Friday 31 at 12 given by the Lehendakari. However, they say by “invitation only” and we can find the place where you can sign up. I thought Lehendakari would be speaking for all the Euskaldum?
    Thank you
    Juan J. San Mames.

  2. Henar Chico Post author

    Hello Juan, you might want to give the Basque Center a call and ask for more information. I’m not sure how it works, I just have the information from the email Basque Center members received.

  3. Paul Etxeberri

    This is a hell of a way to learn of Gure Esku Dago and the Lehendakaria’s visit. This should be part of the official Jaialdi2015 public program information; everyone by now should have known of this.
    Is this bad planning, or is it intentional? No wonder we have been unable to recuperate our Independence since 1512.

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