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Boise’s KIVI Channel 6 features EITB’s Basque reality casting

A few days ago, I shared some information regarding a new TV show produced by EITB, whose goal is to rebuild the past, history, curiosities, anecdotes and so on of different people with Basque roots.

Last week, Boise’s own Channel 6 echoed the story in the evening news, after learning about it on A Basque in Boise blog. Check it out!

Basque television network searches for Basque-origin people to visit homeland for the first time

5:24 PM, Apr 6, 2016
6:36 PM, Apr 6, 2016

BOISE, Idaho – A leading media group based out of the Basque country is searching for a unique contestant to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip back to the homeland… but only if they’ve never been there before.

EITB (Euskal Irrati Telebista) is casting their reality show titled, “It’s All About Origin”. They plan to bring the winner to the Basque territory, and expose them to the locations, tastes, sights and smells that are Basque, and possibly introduce them to distant relatives.

The blogger who first alerted 6 On Your Side about the contest is Boise resident Henar Chico who runs “A Basque in Boise,” Her blog is officially sanctioned by EITB, and is carried by their website. They alerted her to the casting.

It’s a unique opportunity for the right person.

“It is unlike any other feeling especially if you have that connection of family, said Executive Director of the Basque Museum and Cultural Center Annie Gavica. “I absolutely feel the person who goes there for the first time is in for an excellent time,”

If you want to be considered for the show, send an e-mail to cuestiondeorigen@eitb.eus.

Original article can be found here.


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One thought on “Boise’s KIVI Channel 6 features EITB’s Basque reality casting

  1. A friend of Basques

    Very cool opportunity for all involved! Thanks for sharing! Boise should be proud to be a part of the greater American-Basque Community.

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