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  1. antonio barrenechea

    I was trying to find a place that congregates basques here in miami,florida,instead I found this great place,thanks,antonio

  2. jorge núñez calvo

    Hello, my name is Jorge Núñez Calvo, journalist newspaper Últimas Noticias, Santiago de Chile. At the moment I write an article on your site and I’d like to respond as follows:

    – How did the idea?
    – How long does this site?
    – What is the profile of your users?
    – How often should I report me to not publish the e-mails?
    – How much does it cost?
    – Are there limits on the material that I can save?


    Jorge Núñez Calvo
    Periodista Sociedad
    Las Últimas Noticias
    +56 9 99514467 – +56 2 27303441


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