This is not the Basque Country

6 thoughts on “This is not the Basque Country

  1. J.C. Navarro

    Where is “home” for Basque Americans?
    I can answer you : Wherever there are two people speaking in Euskera, that is Homeland for us. That’s what Euskalherria means.
    I can affirm from my position as a member of the major portion of the Basque diaspora in America, living in Argentina.
    Best Regards

  2. Daniel Darling

    The great thing about the USA is that you can be from another place but you can be American too!

  3. Nahikari

    That is also the case in Canada and it may be one of the biggest differences in immigrants’ integration between the New and the Old Worlds. The concept of (cultural) identity is inclusive in the US, Canada, etc., whereas it is not in most European countries (the UK, for example, might be an exception). It is easier to feel welcomed in a country in which you are not expected to choose between your potentially multiple identifications or to renounce you origins in order to be included in the host community.


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