Recap: Volume IV, 2014

3 thoughts on “Recap: Volume IV, 2014

  1. Marie-Nicole Lapeyrade

    it has been my experience that Basques in Europe feel abandoned by family members who have left them to live in other countries. When we go to Europe to visit our Basque relatives, they call us “Les Americains”, another way to create emotional distance.
    The Basques abroad have a much greater interest in and connectiveness with the Basques back in their homeland than the Homeland Basques with the diaspora
    Part of this is due to the exquisite ability of the Basques abroad to integrate into their new mother cultures. This means that as a whole, the basques abroad are identified as being a small part of a new chosen nationality rather than as Basques abroad.

  2. Pedro J. Oiarzabal Post author

    Eskerrik asko Marie-Nicole!! I really appreciate your comment. A further question would be, how integrated into the Basque society as a whole are the returnees identified as “Les Americains” or “Australianoak” etc.,? Is there room for “hybridity” (or hyphenated identities) in the Basque society?


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