¿Dónde estabas el 11 de Septiembre?

10 thoughts on “¿Dónde estabas el 11 de Septiembre?

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  6. Henar Chico

    I hadn’t planned on writing about it, you know, where I was on 9-11 ten years ago, but then Pedro J. Oiarzabal asked.

    I arrived to the call center at 7 a.m. sharp. I was working for the Macintosh group at Hewlett-Packard doing software tech support on Laserjets and DesignJets. Mac OS 8. Building 28, Kimball Plaza on Emerald St., near the mall.

    Mike messaged me at 8:00 A.M. and told me about the first twin tower being hit. “The what tower?”, I was drawing a blank. I didn’t know what that was, or where. ”The World Trade Center in New York,” he said. I remember going to Yahoo.com to “google” it but all I got was a “Server busy” error message. Only 15 minutes after the attack and already all search engines were on overload.

    After that, all I remember is total disbelief for the next several weeks, a sense of fear, uncertainty and anger, and thousands of American flags stuck to the windows of every car but mine. People trying to make sense of the absurd.

    Today, I am back at Hewlett-Packard. OS X. Building 7, Main site on Chinden Blvd. The printers I support are 10 times bigger but 75% of my team is still the same. I’m minus one husband and plus two kids. I drive a European car, like I always did, but it’s not a Saab anymore. I’m still unable to wrap my mind around what happened.

    Ten years later everything is the same, but totally different.


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  8. CAA

    My alarm clock went off and rather than waking up to pop songs, I awoke to the disc jockey in a voice I had never heard before saying “they are jumping off the building”. I got up and my husband called from work and said to turn on the tv. Horror. Then, turning tv on and off while getting kids ready for school and myself for work. Figured that it was better to go through the motions of a normal day than keep the kids at home. Tried to shelter my 3 year old the best I could, but still, the next day he drew a picture of an airplane.

    That day and for weeks after, drove to work in the City and cursed Osama Bin Laden out loud every time I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. The first day that I drove back from work, noticed something strange in the headlands above the bridge. Got closer and realized there were a dozen news vans with satellite dishes parked. The only thing I could think was that they were there waiting in case the bridge was attacked. They stayed for about a week. I was angry and I still am thinking of it to this day.

    As soon as the air space was opened over the U.S. again, my husband was asked to fly to New Jersey to work in his company’s disaster recovery site just across the river from NYC. 80 or so people from Fiduciary Trust, a branch of the company he works for, were killed and the company set up a site and needed people to help get it up and running. He could see the smoke coming up from the wreckage from across the river. The New York Times was running obituaries for the victims, which I was reading every day online. I came across one for a woman from Fiduciary Trust, who had the same type of job as my husband. Was I reading the obituary of the woman my husband was replacing for a week? I don’t remember her name, but I still see her face.


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